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Own your space

Space Fluid is an independent perfume house that seeks to push the boundaries of pleasure.

It combines old perfumery traditions with modern technology to create a unique but wearable fragrance that offers the opportunity to experience perfumes' historical significance as mood enhancers, meditation gateways, and transcendental supports.

Touch the invisible

There is our scent, our fluidum, the space-time story of our lives. But our invisible scent holds more than just our present.

Space Fluid Theory describes time and space as fluid. Time is one-way, unlike space.

Our Space Fluid, on the other hand, enables scent-based time travel. A technique for becoming caught up in an emotional whirlwind, exploring our minds, and even discovering new memories.

The most emotional sense is smell.

We are surrounded with new laboratory aromas in products, yet investigations have shown that our ancestors' olfactory memories are passed on to future generations.​

Read by AI with the author´s voice

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Make our infinite universe even bigger

Our minds will react to scents that we no longer encounter on a regular basis. Hay, clay, rain, horse fur, a greased mechanical machine, freshly ground flour, a ship's deck in a storm, seductive perspiration, a burning fireplace, an apple cellar, a dusty carpet…

Space Fluid turns these ingredients into scents that remind us of the familiar, but unseen rawness of places and things that we all carry inside us.

The Nose

of Space Fluid perfumes is Marketa Maf.

She is a best-selling writer and visual artist based in Prague and New York (under her artistic nickname here). In her two award-winning books, she popularizes science—physics and biology—through fiction.

After years of inhaling diverse odors and studying their impact, as well as collecting unusual perfumes and materials, the moment has come for botany and chemistry.

She had been looking for a specific type of perfume for so long that she decided to create it herself.

Inspired by the new wave of American and European indie perfumers, she set out to create perfumes that she could not find anywhere.

She self-studied and attended fragrance courses in London and Grasse, France, and now comes with her own olfactive worldview.

Perfumes that don't smell like perfumes, but like the real world and that contain precious natural ingredients rather than chemicals.

Perfumes that guide us to paradise and yet, or maybe because of that, point the way on raw earth. For paradise exists only in contrast to hell. 

Best for those who don't like perfume in general, or rather the ordinary, chemical version.

Refill Service
The scent is like a painting, but it's invisible
"I wish I could feel like a cafe-free organism floating in the depths of space, with all of our visually oriented world's graphic noise fading far behind me.

I have closed my eyes. I am floating and inhaling news. What a privilege to be alive and to connect with space through my breath..."

What is the image of a scent? It certainly has a volume in our mind, a mood, perhaps a color, and who knows what else? A body or a face? It can be portraited.

Marketa Maf hand-paints flacons for her fragrances, each one a unique work of art depicting her interpretation of the scent—some like an aquatic organism, a plant, an alien, or a cloud of dust forming a galaxy.

During almost five years of work, Marketa Maf constructed a bottle box, built a website, and tested her perfumes on herself and her friends.
Today's perfumes are mass-produced in labs, the highest costs are not for ingredients but for advertising, the perfume's spirit is the production firm, and its face is a celebrity who had nothing to do with its creation.

This has not been the case in history. Perfumery was regarded as a fine art in the Renaissance, alongside painting and sculpture.

Everything in Space Fluid is the author's work, from start to finish. Same today as it was a hundred or thousand years ago. The concept, formula, and hand-painted, hand-filled bottles that have no factory printing. 


Refills are possible

Perfume bottles are priced in a wide range, from the most complex paintings to drawings.​

If you get a painted bottle, you can bring it back or send it back and have it refilled. The painted perfume bottle can be used over and over.

The Ingredients

are generally natural, smell realistic, and stimulate the mind like aromatherapy.

We use actual absolutes instead of synthetic alternatives because the luxury of raw nature is more true and has more dimensions.
Space Fluid uses some great molecules too, but mostly to balance and support the natural ones as the main voice of each song.  

The ingredients are sourced from France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The scents are hand-mixed in Prague after being evaluated in a German laboratory.

Space Fluid perfumes do not contain any colorants or natural civet or deer musk and comply with IFRA and EU regulation standarts.

The ingredients are fixed in pure food-grade  alcohol. Although this alcohol is thirteen times more expensive than its denaturated version used in standard perfumes, we believe it is worth it to protect our health by avoiding unnecessary chemicals.
As a result, Space Fluid perfumes mature beautifully like cognac when stored away from heat, sun, and humidity, as well as temperature fluctuations.

Since alchemists, the population has expanded, fragrant herb fields have shrunk, and natural ingredients are more expensive than synthetic ones.
If Space Fluid perfume works for you, feel free to spread the word to every "space" you can. We'd rather keep using high-quality components without changing prices or formulations than waste money on promotion. 

Space Fluid is occasionally offered at exhibitions, private parties, pop-up stores, or by appointment in addition to the e-shop. Scent Split in Houston, USA, will be the first retailer.

​The Accessories


are not necessary. They are joyful and lovely.
But is there anything more essential than beauty and joy?

Your Space Fluid perfume comes in two variations, each in a box that protects it in a bag or suitcase.

The aluminum box is lightweight and free with the purchase of any perfume.

The time Travel Mirrror Box

Another alternative is a special limited edition (257 pieces) of vintage stainless steel boxes. They are the original 1963–1985 military boxes that belonged to the Czechoslovak Army.

They've been sitting at a weapons stockpile for decades, waiting for Space Fluid to discover them, adjust them to the flacon, and transport them to their first scented mission.
You can be their first peacekeeper, bringing scented joy and beauty instead of stinky war.

The perfume in this unbreakable, massive army box is as safe on your table, in your bag, or in your luggage, as it would be in the middle of a gunfight.

Make your own space everywhere you go

The purpose of the Space Fluid is to create a really true, natural scent that makes us smell like we haven't been scented. Some lucky people smell great because of their hormones, how happy they are, what they eat, what they do for a living, or where they live.

We want to be like those lucky people.

We do not try to get compliments based on the scent we wear. We prefer to get compliments ourself. 

Similarly, we prefer to hear "You look amazing!" rather than "You have great makeup!" 

Instead, we aim to create genuine scents that complement our personalities, make us feel good, and become our silent best friend, creating our own joyful, familiar space around us under any conditions.

Own your space with Space Fluid.

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