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A lake lies hidden in the deep woods, surrounded by fresh, crisp air.

A flying bird smells campfires and traces of savory food somewhere far away, reminding him of savages near the Garden of Eden.

A lotus flower is floating on the green water. The symbol of Buddhists and Pharaohs, it has a crystal-clear, authentic, fresh scent so sincere it cannot be imitated.

„I am flying, flying high to the sky," a bird is tweeting while above the lake.

The innocence of the lotus is merely an illusion.

"You only think you are flying! You are still low on the ground without my help," mutters the Lotus.

"How could you teach me to fly if you don´t even have any wings?"

Deep inside the Lotus flower is a strong personality and a playful, slightly hallucinogenic side.

"I can teach you to fly so high that the blue version of my petals was even banned for use in some countries," the Lotus giggled.

The truth is that the Pharaons and the Buddhists used the Lotus flower as an intoxicating portal for traveling to other worlds.

"To get high, you have to get low first. Low to Lotus!"

As a support for the Lotus´s words, white crystal dust began to rain from the sky. It was heliotropin, another pleasure-inducing element that can be intoxicating too when used in high doses, though it gives the pleasure of a vanilla-like smell when used moderately in fragrances.


The bird flapped his wings and flew into the cloud of joy. Its sweetness was brightened with magnolia and balanced with the rough oud, fresh green vetiver, menthol, artichoke, and pistachio.

The soul and the body occasionally divide, allowing sould to travel without boundaries.

Which kingdom are you happily lost in, our dear bird?

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